Finding the perfect musical wood

Finding the Perfect Musical Wood, or Gardening the Risoud Forest for Future Generations… How a Stradivarius Violin is Made

“…Pellegrini “gardens” the forest, as he puts it. But he gardens for people who will not be born for hundreds of years. So that there will be fine resonance spruce in the 24th Century.

Once you have found the perfect tree, he says, you have to wait for the perfect day to cut it down.

That day comes at the end of autumn when the sap has sunk back into the ground. When the moon is lowest on the horizon, and furthest from the Earth.

Because, apparently, the gravitational pull of the moon does not only tug the waters of the sea and make the tides, it tugs up the sap.

On that day, the tree is as dry as it can be. A ceremony is organised with the other foresters. It is usually the youngest who has the honour of felling it…”
via Stellar Impact Foundation – A Public Charity Finding the perfect musical wood Crafting musical instruments from Switzerland’s Risoud Forest April 27, 2013 at 11:36AM

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