Life Systems in Community

A taste of things to come: Life Systems in Community.
(Series three in the Stewardship Dialogue)


In the first series of conversations, we introduced each system in the basic Life Systems Model. In the second series, we explored the process of developing each of these systems into a fully-fledged ‘Human Internetwork’ (human internet).


Now, in this third series, we will use the Life Systems Model as a lens through which to explore the concept, structures, and processes of what we commonly refer to as ‘Community‘. We deliberately will not define the term, as the depth of that definition will have room to emerge in our dialogue together.


~ Erl and Christy Morrell-Stinson

Introduction, Series Three, Stewardship Dialogue handout, October 2012

The three conversations published so far are:

  1. The Essence of Community
  2. Authenticity in Community
  3. Stewardship in Community

Look for blog posts sharing the highlights from these conversations.