Mama Ada Foundation

We meet people every week who are making a difference locally AND in communities on the other side of their world. The Mama Ada Foundation has a base in Hopkins, Minnesota and touches lives in Kenya. We know that their work makes a real difference in helping people build sustainable prosperity. Please consider making a donation to them directly through the link below:
via Stellar Impact Foundation – A Public Charity Mama Ada Foundation Right now, many students in Kenya eagerly await word of a scholarship from The Mama Ada Foundation. These are young people with enormous potential, in need of a simple gift of tuition. These students share books, taking reading shifts through the night sometimes, reading by candle light.

Please consider making a donation at

A donation of any size would be oh-so-helpful, as our organization seeks to provide many scholarships over the next couple weeks. Asante sana (thank you)! \u003C3 December 10, 2013 at 02:17PM

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