Realtors…Should You Advertise on Google OR Facebook?


If you are like most cutting edge Realtors then you know the importance of reaching your audience using digital marketing (which includes social media)…that’s pretty obvious nowadays, right?

What’s not as obvious is HOW to market to prospective home buyers and home sellers and more specifically, “Should I advertise on Google or Facebook?”  Those are the questions we hear from our realtor clients all the time and it is the question we set out to answer in our upcoming Live Webinar:  “Finding the Right Buyer at the Right Time!”

And you can register below for free right now:

[Free Live Webinar:  The Right Buyers at the Right Time]

In addition to discovering the Pro’s and Con’s of both Google and Facebook advertising we’ll also reveal a 3rd option…an option that will provide the best of both worlds!  Also for a limited time only we will be offering a free bonus to those who take advantage of a Free Digital Marketing Consultation…that’s right all you need to do is take advantage of a free offer with no obligation to buy anything and we’ll reserve one of our Free Bonuses for you!

Now I’m not going to go into great detail on this free bonus here (you’ll just have to register for the webinar and take me up on the free consultation), but what I will tell you is for a limited number of people VitalityWerks Marketing is willing to put our “money where our mouth is” in order to help you generate the “Right Buyer” at exactly the “Right Time” for your real estate practice!

All you need to do is simply register below for our next upcoming webinar:

[Free Live Webinar:  The Right Buyers at the Right Time]

So what can you expect to learn from this live webinar?

For starters…

  • How Google can help you find a “ready to buy buyer”
  • Why this same buyer may or may not be your ideal buyer
  • How Facebook can help you find the “right buyer”
  • Why this same buyer may or may not be ready to buy

You’ll also learn about a 3rd option that utilizes a proprietary algorithm that can find you someone at exactly the point where they are most likely to take action…action like finding a realtor to list their home or a new home buyer who is looking for a realtor to help them in their search.

Not only will this algorithm help you find a buyer at exactly the right time, but they will also find your “ideal client.” Whether you are looking for more clients in your sweet spot like sellers who are looking to downsize and move into an urban environment OR a buyer looking for a larger home in a specific price range between $500,000 and $650,000…we will help with that too!

All of which goes beyond anything that your competitors may already be doing on Google and/or Facebook…So the bigger question is, “Are you ready to get serious about digital marketing so YOUR future clients don’t sign up with your competitors?”

Because one of your competitors could very well be reading this same blog or maybe have already registered for one of our live webinars (we typically have over 100 participants on our webinars and run multiple webinars a day) which means they could be stealing your future sales AND you potential bonus offer.

With all that being said, a free educational webinar that typically is done in 15-20 minutes (we don’t do marathon webinars…we get in, we make our point and we get on with our day) is kind of a no-brainer, right?  Think of what you have to gain for giving up basically nothing?

So if you haven’t already, go ahead and register for one of our upcoming webinars and start finding your competitor’s Right Buyer at the Right Time before they do by simply clicking the link below:

[Free Live Webinar:  The Right Buyers at the Right Time]

Now I understand that some of you are still too curious as to what this algorithm does that goes beyond what you can get through Google and Facebook so much so that you just need a little more explanation prior to registering…I get it so here is more of what you will learn on the actual webinar itself.

Now you might be asking, “What exactly does this algorithm do that can’t be done through advertising with Google and Facebook directly?”

Well, for starters, you won’t lose anything that you’ll get through Google or Facebook as this algorithm is used to improve your results in conjunction with Google and Facebook.  This proprietary algorithm is designed to do this through a couple of key factors like:

  1. Leverage marketing that gets smarter
  2. Market to individuals NOT categories
  3. Market with online AND offline data

In today’s world of digital marketing most realtors if they do any digital marketing themselves or with a digital marketing agency fail to get the results they should be getting because ALL their marketing suffers from:

  1. Trial and Error methodology in a near infinite world of possibilities
  2. Treat ALL individuals within a group the same despite dramatic “individual” differences and preferences
  3. Build their marketing strategy based ONLY on online data…missing at least 50% of the story

In our upcoming live webinar we will reveal how our 3rd option utilizing a proprietary algorithm that has been used by Fortune 500 companies (and now made available to individual realtors like yourself) can now:

  1. Remove the trial and error method for marketing that gets smarter without manual intervention
  2. React to individual preferences within your ideal categories creating a custom experience
  3. Connect online activity with offline activity to access information your competitors don’t have…and will need to keep up with you!

So if you are a realtor that is looking to harness digital marketing OR you already are spending a ton of money on digital marketing and you’re looking for better results then the next step is simple…Register for the next available Live Webinar and make up your mind on where this goes after seeing what we have to show you!

[Free Live Webinar:  The Right Buyers at the Right Time]

I guarantee you will be impressed with the webinar presentation and if you’re not I will refund any money you spent on this webinar…Oh wait, this is a free webinar!  So what do you have to lose…nothing of course and I look forward to seeing you on the webinar!

Don’t forget to make it a great day so you can make it a great day for someone else out there who might need your help!


Kyle Payne

Founder of VitalityWerks Marketing

Please feel free to call me with any questions you might have at (612) 584-0180…I’m here to be of service in any way I can!

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