Helping new non-profits get started

When someone has a passion for a cause, often they turn to the form of a Non-Profit Corporation (or, “Non-Governmental Organization” is a legal organization structure used commonly outside the U.S.) to manage and fund the work that they see needs to be done to solve the problem.

Helping new non-profits get started is one way we can make a meaningful difference, teaching the ethic of stewardship and exploring ways to apply it, in the process.

We take a holistic approach framed up by the Life Systems Model, with an emphasis on sustainability, inclusion, and social enterprise rather than a dependence on donations and grants alone. We aim to help would-be NP’s and NGO’s find the right pathway that includes doing the research on who else is already involved in this area and envisioning how best to collaborate effectively with them, clearly defining the legal articles and by-laws that will govern their organization far into the future, and getting started with the right team including advisers, officers and directors, volunteers, staff, members, “clients and consumers”, and suppliers.

We also help with branding, marketing, and content marketing in particular. This translates into better brand identities and marketing campaigns that engage the right communities of people; into help writing and publishing various forms of creative media from a simple white paper to an indie film.

Right now we follow a custom-tailored process that balances the founders’ ability to invest with their immediate needs.

As we are able, we will offer funding options to startup Non-Profits and NGO’s.

Call us to set up an informational interview at 612-321-8753 with the Stellar Impact Studios.

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