What Happens When You Infuse Philanthropy with Tech Entrepreneurial Spirit?

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What Happens When You Infuse Philanthropy With Tech Entrepreneurial Spirit?

“Cross-sector collaboration has been another hallmark of our work,” Jean says. “If you look at some of the big initiatives we’ve taken on, they’re usually bringing organizations and people together from a cross-sector standpoint, and trying to cross the chasm and make something more a part of everyday society.”

“A tapestry of alliances really cuts across our efforts whether it be our business efforts before or now, our philanthropic efforts, our policy efforts,” Steve says. “We’ve seen firsthand the power of them and recognize that if you are going to change the world, you’ve got to do it together and therefore you’ve got to figure out ways to align interests and build passions and build momentum.”

High-tech iconoclasts Steve and Jean Case embody the evolving role of technology entrepreneurs in philanthropy. They are bringing the same sensibility they brought to creating AOL to their current investments in people and ideas that can change the world. Partnerships, often between divergent groups and across sectors, are at the core of their philanthropic approach.


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September 17, 2013 at 07:36PM


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