Charter and Intention

Most plainly, Stellar Impact Foundation was formed to make leadership development opportunities visible, accessible and relevant to all people, within a community.

In the ideal community: Diversity of culture is celebrated, and all people are included, in excellent development opportunities from infancy to elementary school, from childhood to adult education, from career to entrepreneurial business development. Families are naturally enterprising, and communities are naturally inclusive. Prosperity is the natural way of life.

To state this another way:

Stellar Impact Foundation, as a public charity, has at its core the intention to help people create a better world. We believe that stewardship is the difference that makes a difference. It is the ethic that when present, brings prosperity, and when absent, is reflected in a lack of prosperity (poverty) and in leadership opportunity gaps.

Our stated purpose is to advance the ethic of stewardship. This includes helping people understand what we mean by “stewardship” and to answer the question, “So what?”

Our aim is to help people discover and walk their unique pathway of stewardship – through this cycle of stewardship development:

  1. Compassionate Awareness

  2. Effective Living

  3. Entrepreneurial Thinking

  4. Active Social Good*

  5. Inspirational World-Changing Leadership

*Our intention is for active social good to become sustainable and significant enough to create a better world for all — especially for ‘the least among us’ – to care for those who are the most vulnerable.

an orchard of world changers

an orchard of world changers

Our work:

Do the research…

Curate and publish meaningful content…

Provide innovative education…

Fund what matters… and…

Engage the local community in working together!


1) Stewardship Dialogue

Meaningful conversation among people who care, around the needs of a regional community.

Often taking the format of a monthly 2 hour meeting, the dialogue begins with the introduction of a concept from the Life Systems Model developed by Erl Morrell-Stinson. This is followed by some insightful questions that spur the discussion among the diverse group in attendance. Rich insights and new questions, along with increased communication, new ideas for applying the ethic of stewardship, and better leadership skills are consistent and typical results.

2) Stewardship Development Center

Innovative education focused on Leadership Development Opportunities that are visible to all, accessible to all, and relevant to all.

3) Media Center

A media resource center for designing and publishing meaningful content; for telling stories online and in print. The Media Center serves the community and especially those mission-driven leaders within it.

Your work:

Apply the ethic of stewardship in useful ways to disrupt systems of poverty, in collaboration with those who share your cause.

a) Become a Member of Stellar Impact Foundation
b) Start or Join a Stewardship Dialogue
c) Start or Join a Common Passion Group
d) Donate to make Stellar Impact education accessible to those who need it most
e) Tell your story of how you are applying the ethic of stewardship to make a better world


Written in 2011 by Erl Morrell-Stinson:

We envision a better world, where…

  • Every person is given an understanding of the ethic of Stewardship.
  • Every person is inspired to Stewardship as a way of life, and motivated to live as diligent and faithful stewards to their own community, and also to society as a whole – aspiring to their greatest capability.
  • Every person is cared for with honor and respect. The ‘least among us’, who can give seemingly little or no contribution at all, are protected, appreciated, valued, honored, cared for — and are provided with fair access to the same basic opportunities and resources that we all share.
  • Every ‘disadvantaged’ person who has the potential to be raised up to Stewardship is given more than adequate encouragement, support, equipping, resources and opportunity to do so.