educate through innovative methods of teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring

“The Stellar Impact Foundation shall provide innovative and highly effective education through teaching, training, coaching and mentoring.”

Another of the Stellar Impact Foundation’s primary mandates is to advance the ethic of Stewardship within both formal and informal Education, through the modes of teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring.

We aim to create, promote, and share open-source education resources that are innovative, inspiring, and ultimately game-changing — in terms of lifting people out of poverty and raising up leaders who operate from an ethic of Stewardship, rather than from personal agendas of greed, power, exploitation, and control.

Among these, we work to develop Stewardship-based courses and curriculum, K-12 through prep school through college and university level learning, that raise up even disadvantaged individuals to become wise and effective leaders of thriving communities, particularly in developing nations around the world.

We will foster positive revolution within and through the Education industry, by using our  Life Systems Model as a framework from which to develop customized, outcome-driven career paths that are authentic to the individual, and help to unleash their greatest gifting for the benefit of society as a whole.

  • Train the Teacher programs
  • Train the Trainer programs
  • Train the Coach and Coaches’ Coach programs
  • Mentorship