Engage Locally

“People who care, thinking out loud together, about things that matter.”

 ~ Max Levine, Writer, Pilot, and Serial Entrepreneur



…That’s how the Stewardship Dialogue was described by one of our members.


We engage locally through the Stewardship Dialogue as our primary means of community outreach.

Think globally, act locally. Wise words and an idea we take seriously.

Through the dialogue, it is our intention to open up conversation, collaboration, and unity among leaders & influencers, across all different sectors within a community. We value inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and legacy.

A Stewardship Dialogue takes the form of a monthly discussion group, typically over a meal, where we think out loud together, and explore the ethic of Stewardship. We discover how the practice of stewardship relates to Community, through the lens of the Life Systems Model.

(Access more information on the Life Systems Model here.)

The Leaders Compass

These conversations are one powerful and disruptive way we can work together to facilitate the mindset of stewardship & collaboration among people who care. They act as an inspiration, and a catalyst for what we call ‘Common Passion’ groups, where people as brothers and sisters in a common cause come together across the lines of organization, religion and social class, to work together on projects that benefit the community.

Our first dialogue took root in the Minneapolis West Metro. Our next target is to open up Dialogues to communities in redevelopment. Locally, we are exploring requests for North Minneapolis, East St. Paul, and the University West Bank area.

If you, or your organization, would like to open or sponsor a Stewardship Dialogue, then please contact us – either directly by phone at 612-321-8753, or through the Contact Us page on this website.

Engage Locally

engage locally through dialogue using the Life Systems Model developed by Erl Morrell-Stinson