Project List

When a Mission-Driven leader rises up and asks us for help, we open a Project.

This project must have a local project leader who drives the project, develops a project plan and forms a local team to get it done. We will provide access to a Leadership Coach / Trainer to act as the Project Coach; connections to potential project Ambassadors to drive the fundraising for the project; and a regional Liaison who understands the regional issues that we as an American organization need to be aware of.

  • MINNEAPOLIS: Stewardship Development Center (SDC) focusing on the needs of social startups; includes a Stellar Media Center (SMC) that provides access to video production, mobile app design, web design, graphic design, photography, and other online marketing agency help.
    •    Mpls “Open Leadership Opportunities” for students ages 14-24 and young professionals in collaboration with local cultural liaisons, employment agencies, teachers, parents, and C-level business leaders. Collaboration through the Minneapolis SDC!
    •    Mpls Common Passion for New Enterprise sparks the New Enterprise Coalition; For-Profit “Social Enterprise” Startup through the Minneapolis SDC / Stewardship Dialogue
    •    My Executive Team For Life – collaborative marketing group facilitated through the Minneapolis SDC, led by Pam Ricker of Ricker Accounting For Life and Harlan Goerger of
    • ANOKA COUNTY, MINNESOTA: 2nd Chance Youth Ranch; Non-Profit Startup through the Minneapolis SDC x Media Center collaborating with Monkey Pickles and Urban Law Group
    • WISCONSIN: Faith-Based EAP Association; Trade Association Startup through the Minneapolis SDC x Media Center collaborating with Monkey Pickles and Urban Law Group
    • WISCONSIN: Unbridled, LLC: For-Profit “Social Enterprise” Re-Start through the Minneapolis SDC x Media Center
    • WISCONSIN: Osceola Vision 600: Community x Economic Development project through the Quantum Common Wealth receives marketing support via the Minneapolis SDC x Media Center (web design, print media design)


  • MINNEAPOLIS: Stewardship Dialogue on the west side, along Wayzata Boulevard.
  • MINNEAPOLIS: Stewardship Dialogue on the north side, along Broadway or Lowry Ave (under development)
  • SOUTHERN MINNESOTA: SDC training programs in a life transformation house accessible to people in transition [closed]
  • UGANDA: Busembatia SDC through Dauson and Dinah Musasizi

  • UGANDA: Mission Development Inc. through James Oonyu and Lilian Mutesi; Non-Profit Startup through the Minneapolis Stewardship Development Center


  • LIBERIA: A Common Passion Group for Africa is born in 1999 in Paynesville through Lionel and Maria Smith
  • CAPE TOWN: This is where it all began, in the 1980’s and 1990’s, through the transition from apartheid to freedom
  • ISTANBUL: The Ethic of Stewardship is infused into the Coaching and Training Industry through Stellar Impact International “Train the Trainer” programs developed by Erl Morrell-Stinson… we will keep you posted as projects develop there
A stewardship dialogue, summer 2012, international group

A stewardship dialogue, summer 2012, international group