Gearing Up Again!

Stellar Impact Foundation is proud to announce that we are entering a new phase in our growth, that of supporting large-scale Urban Development projects, both locally and abroad.

This is in anticipation of some potential initiatives developing with strategic partners around the globe.

Obviously, as fragile as things like this are, and how much it takes for things like this to come together, we cannot make any announcements until we are firmly committed. However, we can give you a general sense of the direction in which things are heading.

We have already begun work on things like fundraising for a $2M hospital expansion in Impact Ministries International’s City of Refuge orphanage in Cumayoga, Honduras.

Our business leadership development efforts continue to grow in Uganda and, in partnership with Cultivate International, are now expanding out into Liberia.

Locally, we continue to explore issues such as Veteran Community, Senior Housing, and Rural Community Development in smaller towns in the Midwest.

In keeping with our policy of maintaining efficient overhead, by which we maintain nimble and efficient stewardship of our resources and operations, this now calls for an expansion in leadership & infrastructure.

In other words, to avoid unnecessary bloat and institutional overhead, we scale down when projects are complete. We scale back up when we take on new work. Right now, we are now scaling up to increase our capacity to support these larger initiatives.

Look for announcements in the near future with regard new additions to the current Board, project development, increased global impact, and more.

Once again, we appreciate and thank you for your continued encouragement & support.

Our model is continuing to prove itself, and our influence, impact, and effectiveness continues to grow. The value of what we do continues to increase.

As always, we could not achieve any of this without your involvement — in so many different ways.

Thank for all  you continue to do to make this venture an enduring & increasing success.

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