How we do it – Archive from 2013

How we do what we do:

1) Stewardship Dialogue

Meaningful conversation among people who care, often used to bring different kinds of people together around the needs of a community.

The dialogue begins with a specific challenge, and an idea relating to that challenge. Two to three provocative questions get people talking, exploring, and collaborating. Benefits include: “I never thought of it that way” kinds of insights; better communication, even transformed relationships. People increase their leadership capacity while opening their mind to new possibilities, new ways of seeing a problem, improved understanding of cultural contexts, and new friendships.

The dialogue is a great way to get a group of people to really talk to each other.

2) Stewardship Development Center

The SDC provides a hub to learning resources and opportunities, a place to learn, a place to have conversations, and engage in collaboration. The SDC spans across personal development, business development, leadership development and community development. It provides an intersection between the business and education, with an emphasis on the ethic of stewardship as “the difference that makes a difference.”

We are building an SDC in Minneapolis, U.S. and in Busembatia, Uganda.

3) Media Center

This is our media resource center for designing and publishing meaningful content; for telling stories online and in print. The Media Center serves the community and especially those mission-driven leaders within it. You’ll find help to move forward on your initiatives and get your message out. ***STUDENTS WELCOME. MEDIA APPRENTICESHIPS AVAILABLE.***

We partner with Marco Polo Advertising to provide excellent, multicultural media design including video and mobile marketing / app design, because MPA engages students and young professionals in media apprenticeships. Other partners include Skol Marketing and Monkey Pickles.