2nd Chance Youth Ranch

2nd Chance Founder, Robin Fitzgerald

Leader & Location

Robin Veach Fitzgerald – Founder

Robin grew up in Maple Plain with horses, showed as a teenager in WSCA and NSCA in all English and Western pleasure classes, performance classes as well as 11/2 years riding with an Olympic trainer in Dressage. Those years traveling to horse shows with my parents are some of my best memories and created so many special bonds both with the horses that I showed and some of the people along the way. During that time she  also attended a horse care and stable operations program for 3 years.

Through the different phases in life Robin has always had a horse to go spend time with to get renewed and find that peace and calm they have a unique way of bringing you to when life gets stressful. Now many years later she finally has her dream place, her horses in her back yard and her dream coming true. She is so excited to fulfill the desire that God has put in her heart to share the wonderful opportunity for many to come and spend time here in this beautiful place and be in the company of horses!   “We have some amazing people that are coming to us excited to be apart of this journey,   I am looking forward to working with our volunteers and the kids that have a desire to come here and be fullfilled with all that God is doing and  providing here at 2nd Chance.”



She saw … and offered programs ( … http://2ndchanceyouthranch.org/pages/pages.php?page_name=programs)


… Helped her clarify her vision, drew up a project plan, coached her through the design & setup of the non-profit, assigned her a professional executive coach, placed to interim members on her board.


… Helped her transition out to where the ranch is self-sustaining.  This project also birthed the FBEAP initiative.


… kids … churches in the area … established as part of the community …

Current Status

… Successfully completed project!