Comayagua, Honduras

Tom & Teresa Stamman

In 2012, we were introduced to Tom & Teresa, founders of Impact Ministries International.
(We really liked the name!)

Tom & Teresa are a husband & wife team feeding orphans around the world. Their flagship project, The City of Refuge, is a community economic development project they establish in a village near Comayagua, Honduras.

The ongoing partnership with IMI provides the Stellar Impact Foundation with opportunity to have real-world, on the ground, impact fighting poverty in Latin America.


Aside from the obvious funding needs, and the monumental logistics of the project itself, IMI has an ongoing need for teaching, training, and developing leadership in both its supporting membership, and its internal organization.


Since we have a mutually aligned intent to create thriving communities through business, leadership, and economic development, we have a standing invitation to speak & teach at their entrepreneurial, leadership, and ministry conferences each year.


Connections are established through the IMI Conferences. It was through these events that we made the connections with John Deere International, to help develop the project in Busembatia, Uganda.

Also out of these conferences, we met our CFO, Taylor Moffit of Halydean — who helped us then establish the Financial Research Institute, for teaching principles of sound Managerial Finance to community leaders.

IMI’s City of Refuge

From an undeveloped piece of land, a little over 10 years ago, IMI’s City of Refuge has become the largest employer in the community, contributing significantly to the economic development of the region.

The motivation to fund, support and develop initiatives like this around the world, is a big part of what is driving SIF’s current growth.

Current Initiatives
Proposed City of Refuge Hospital Project

One of the reasons for currently scaling up our existing operations, is to begin active fund-raising towards their $2M proposed hospital project.  This would establish Dr. Teresa Stamman as head of the hospital, provide medical services to the surrounding areas, and help the local economy by employing and training members of the local community to work at the hospital.

We’ve also joined an initiative, Global Impact Partners, to provide cultural experience voluntourism trips down to the area to provide further economic benefit & exposure to the project.


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Impact Ministries International
IMI City of Refuge, Honduras