As the IEL Ecosystem continues to grow, we intend to add component pieces that extend our positive, transformative influence in the communities we serve.

You may ask, “Why give these ideas away? Why not protect them?” The answer is simple, and comes down to two things — Speed & Trust!

Speed in that we don’t want the pace of our own development to slow things down, or our growth to be limited to only a few. The more we can give away, the faster we can do so, the faster & quicker we can inspire others to do these or similar things … Well then, the faster we have a better, happier, more peaceful & thriving world for us all to live in!  So, why wouldn’t we?

Trust … you!  In the fundamental goodness that humanity is capable of. We’re calling you to the highest version of your Self. We’re giving freely, in the hopes that you will give just as freely to others, to the benefit of all.

What follows, then, are a few of the dreams we have, for where we want to be someday. These are blueprint ideas, little ‘greyed out boxes’ on a strategic plan, that are in various stages of development — from merely an idea scribbled on a napkin, all the way to being defined in terms of their project parameters, and prototyped to test their viability.

We hope you find something here to inspire you, and in being blessed, you in turn will set out to bless others.

SILC: The Stellar Impact Life Communities

SIGN: The Signata Initiative — Local, small-business development
[Page: Using the CARE System. Envision the Impact on Community!]

SITE: Stellar Impact Transformative Education

SSB: Stellar Speaker’s Bureau
One of our Governing Principles is, as much as possible, to Reduce the Overhead of Unnecessary Redundancy.  Instead of not re-inventing the wheel, diluting resources, competing with other leaders, and slowing down everyone’s progress, we look for mission-aligned leaders who are already doing what we want to do, and see if we can help them do it more effectively.

For this reason, this initiative is now being developed as Extreme Influence, under the guidance of Randy Mortensen, Founder of WorldWide Village (who now, very graciously, is also serving as our CEO).