Do the Research

“The Stellar Impact Foundation shall do the research…”

We’re engaged in ongoing research into the understanding, importance, and use (active application) of the ethic of Stewardship in the lives of individual people; …the business models of companies, NGO’s and charities; …the cultures of nations and communities around the world!

Currently, we are noticing an upward trend in the use of the word in traditional and social media. Along with that, there is an expansion of the concept outside of the domains of Environmentalism and Religion, to a larger use across all contexts and sectors of society.

For example, an excellent essay on the broader ethic of stewardship was discovered here, on the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture blog.

Recently, a business management think tank called Switch and Shift published this article:


A primary mode of research is our community outreach, the Stewardship Dialogue.  The Dialogue gives us insight into the thinking, priorities, and intentions of the key influencers within a given community.

From the dialogue, a series of infographics that highlight key concepts in the stream of current conversation is emerging. You’ll find examples of them in our blog posts from the Stewardship Dialogue conversations here on this site.

Watch for research updates here on this page.

Do the Research

thaw out ancient and proven ideas of stewardship from every culture