Website Upgrade

Please bear with us while we go through a transition to an improved website.

In background, we are simplifying the technical platform and infrastructure used to support the site.  Externally, we are looking for cleaner lines, simpler structure, easier navigation, and mobile responsiveness.

This means that historic content will temporarily disappear, until such time as the most important material is brought over to the new installation.  All other content will be available through a Site Archive.

The most significant change is that we will no longer host multisite installations!

Instead, we will help sponsored initiatives set up their own independent sites, with full control & responsibility their own registration, hosting, installation, and support. With the emergence of the new Guttenberg drag-&-drop web design technologies, this is becoming simple and easy to do.

Apart from relieving a major technical burden on our own operations, it makes it far easier to transfer a site when a sponsored organization achieves its own independent, becomes self-sufficient, and fully takes over its own web support.

No longer do we require a export, migration, and reinstallation of an entire web structure. We simply reset the password, and hand you the keys.

That simple!

And,  yes, of course. We will provide you with the assistance and support to make the transition.

We hope you like the changes that are coming, and continue in our devotion to the success of the good you bring to the world.