What we do – Archive from 2013

In a nutshell, we make Leadership Development opportunities visible, accessible and relevant.

When we are invited into a community, we organize around the mission-driven leaders who are already working to make the community better for everyone in it.

  • We do research on what leadership development opportunities are available, for who exactly, and how they are made visible, how they are accessed, who finds them relevant, and what the results are. We survey key groups including students 14-24; young professionals; C-level executives; teachers and educative leaders; parents; community leaders and government officials. We ask them what they believe is needed in their community, and we make an assessment of what is already available and where the gaps are. We seek to make Leadership Pathways TRANSPARENT and INCLUSIVE. Some call them Achievement Pathways.
  • We write, develop and curate content and publish our discoveries.
  • We provide fun, experiential learning based education that fills the gaps between what is available and what is needed.
  • And, we provide ways for our members to engage locally, within their community. For example, our Stewardship Dialogue brings people together AS PEOPLE in a common conversation, across the borders of culture and social status.