We are on a mission…

to raise up capable, purpose-driven leaders with high functioning teams who go about doing good in the world! Capable leaders who hold the ethic of stewardship as the difference that makes a difference.

We believe…

everyday people can make a stellar impact on the world they care about. We believe that executive education is an excellent catalyst to unlock human potential. We believe having access to professional coaches and trainers will rapidly increase people’s capacity to lead and produce significant results. We believe the secret of highly engaged people is to help them find and act on their passion to solve specific social problems.

To that end, we work…

to make executive education accessible to everyday people through a project-based approach.

Our members choose their depth of engagement, as project leaders, project activists, and project supporters.

Can you imagine making a difference, donating money where you know it will count, volunteering your time where you know it will make a real difference, or leading a project around the area of your passion to solve a social problem?


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The Stellar Impact


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